The K9 Konnection

Community is a powerful thing. We’ve been busy planning for a community of veterans who meet up throughout the month with their dogs...train together, grow together, and experience the joy of K9s together. 

On Saturday, that dream came to life. Held in Balboa Park, John Devine led our first Veteran K9 Outreach meet-up, and man did the pups have a good day. We had 5 month old puppies, 10 year old dogs, and everything in between...all at different energy and capability levels. Despite varying levels of training and disciplines, our group performed flawlessly. 

Each pair practiced greetings, interactions, distance training, and attention control through varying exercises and evolutions. John Devine tailored the training to each pair, utilizing strengths and weaknesses for a mutually beneficial learning environment. The more mature dogs taught the puppies what "good dog" material was made of, and the puppies reminded the older dogs how much fun playing was.

Among transforming wild beasts into well behaved dogs, we are also focused on creating a community where veterans can be themselves, interact with people that truly understand them and build connections with other people that automatically have similar mindsets and experiences. We are continuously surprised to see the immediate connection these men and women have, with a universal desire to support each other. We look forward to building this community with you all, and keeping you updated on the progress of all those hard working dogs!

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, please reach out to us at or check out more about our program here! 

Curious about why we do what we do? Look no further!


Balboa Park, San Diego

The closest location on Google Maps is:

  • 2229 Morley Field Dr, San Diego, CA 92104

We meet in the Park across the street from the Bud Kearns Memorial Pool

Create a community of veterans who come together on a monthly basis to train their dogs and enjoy different activities surrounding their K9s.