This December, we were lucky enough to have our first event, celebrating some of the bravest little members of our military—the children of our Active Duty military! We had a packed day full of messy cookie decorating, writing letters to the troops overseas, dishing out steaming hot cups of hot chocolate, and burning off a lot of energy on the huge inflatable side/obstacle course. Just like any good event held in the month of December, the best part of the day was when a rather hefty sack containing Christmas presents suddenly arrived! Each child got to go home with a hand picked Christmas present—making the magic come alive for many.

This time of year is always difficult for families who can’t all be together sharing traditions and memories, so we count it as both an honor and privilege to be able to make some lasting memories for them. Our Active Valor veterans (and some Active Duty) had their hands full as they participated in a (very evenly matched, we assure you) football game together.

Not a day goes by we don’t thank our men and women fighting overseas, sacrificing so much (including time) so that we can enjoy such a beautiful day together in peace.



Miramar Base

Give a great Christmas to the children of Active Duty servicemen and women, who could not be there to celebrate it with them.

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