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John Devine is one of the fastest growing K9 Specialists in San Diego County, using his training and experience from his years in the United States Navy SEAL K9 Team. This expertise allowed John to successfully train and handle one of the most capable multi-purpose K9s in the NAVY SEAL K9 Teams. John’s company, Devine K9s, successfully raises and trains military, police, service and companion dogs, working directly with their owners to increase the level of training. Active Valor got to participate in a K9 training day at Strategic Operations, San Diego’s most elaborate training grounds. Getting to integrate Active Valor’s own tactical experience into a new evolution, changing the environments and scenarios

We can all agree that getting back into the tactical world is a breath of fresh air for nearly every veteran, but it was a pleasure working alongside Devine K9s, watching what it takes to make a tactically proficient K9 ready for any situation that may occur.


Strategic Operations, San Diego

Engage in K9 Training with Devine K9s, focusing on CQB, room entries, search and seizure, etc.


  • K9 Handling
  • Search
  • CQB
  • Room Clearing 
  • Room Entries

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