Bringing Veterans and Gold Star Families together for one amazing adventure.


Gold Star families are families of our nation's fallen military heroes. As a combat veteran owned company, we understand the sacrifice that accompanies our freedom. We are dedicating each of our adventures to these men and women that have paid the ultimate sacrifice, inviting them for a day of adventure with our Active Valor veteran mentors. It is our mission to give back to this community in any way we can, and invite you to join our mission to impact the lives of others.


Calling all Gold Star Families! We view adventures as a chance to get out of your comfort zone, while enjoying an unforgettable experience! We have created a custom adventure for you and your family! Get ready for a full day of exploration, paired up with your own veteran guide! Are you up for the challenge?


Teamwork is an essential skill set in every avenue of life, but it is especially important when your teammates are counting on you! You will learn how to work as a team, and how important your individual skill sets are to the whole group!

Treasure Hunting

Treasure, you say? Yes, you heard that right! You will be participating in a mission based treasure hunt! There might even be some digging involved, or so the legend says.

De-coding Messages

You’re going to have to wear your thinking caps on this one! Work alongside your veteran guide to solve messages that lead you to unlock the mysteries and guide you to your final destination!

Land Navigation

Land navigation is a KEY ingredient to staying on the trail, hitting your targets, and staying focused on the mission at hand! You will learn how to map a route and use waypoints to reach your final destination!

Problem Solving

Problem solving is more than just completing a puzzle. You will learn how to create solutions for problems that arise along the way—a very important lesson if you want to reach the end goal in time!

Basic Survival Skills

Thanks to the San Diego School of Survival, we will have expert lessons on surviving in the wilderness. Learn the ins and outs of a true outdoorsman/woman!


Valor Adventures is an unforgettable one-day event that is run ENTIRELY by veterans. For our first event, we have designed an adventure specifically for Gold Star families, allowing them to participate in a memorable day of interactive discovery and adventure with United States veterans! We pair each Gold Star family/child (ages 4-18) with their very own veteran mentor for a day of exclusive adventure. We utilize our veterans' military skill sets for a truly unique experience--integrating land navigation courses, mission based treasure hunts, excavating, nature discovery, code detection, and problem solving throughout the day. Each group will encounter different challenges, obstacles, and puzzles that they will need to solve before they reach their final destination!

Our goal is to give Gold Star children an experience that they will be able to take with them for the rest of their lives. Sharing this time with men and women who have honorably served our country like the loved ones they have lost provides such an impactful experience for both the families and the veterans. They get to build a friendship and bond that will continue on long after the event is over. We can't wait to share this experience with you all!

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Event Location: San Diego, California