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You’ve heard of Active Valor, but have you heard of Flags of Valor? We were recently introduced to Flags of Valor through one of our Gold Star Widows, and color us impressed by pretty much every facet of their American and Veteran-first company. So much so, in fact, that we wanted to give them a little highlight here! Like Active Valor, Flags of Valor is all about service—past, present, and future. They harness the talents of outstanding veterans, and create a way for them to still make a difference in their country post-service. Sound familiar? This model is an extremely effective way to pay tribute to our veterans’ service, while giving them a new way to employ their talents.

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The majority of FOV’s craftsman are service-disabled, some with significant combat-related injuries. These veterans transition from military life to the life of a dedicated craftsman, crafting exquisite American Flags and patriotic products out of raw materials. FOV gives provides these veterans with a unique workplace they call a “sanctuary”. We know all too well that a workplace is more than a workplace, it can be a place of camaraderie, escape, and a blank canvas for personal development and creativity to flourish.


Flags of Valor generously donated a Flag Building Kit to each one of our Gold Star Children during the Covid-19 Quarantine. These kits proved to be an amazing addition to our “Covid-19 Relief Packages” we sent each of our Gold Star Families, as they allowed each child to have their own piece of the American flag their fathers fought and died to protect. We heard stories of siblings bonding over this project, learning more about American history, and taking the time to slow down and do a purposeful activity together.

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We are so grateful for such a caring company, and for FOV’s dedication to our Gold Star Families. We are fully on board with their ethos, that “veterans deserve opportunity, made in America matters, and we should never stop giving back.” We are proud to support a company as honorable as Flags of Valor and we hope you all will check out and support this incredible veteran-run business, remembering they are fully dedicated to “remembering, employing, and empowering our heroes.”

Thank you, Flags of Valor, for not only creating your mission, but living by it.

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Flags of Valor Website: https://www.flagsofvalor.com/

Flags of Valor generously donated a Flag Building Kit to each one of our 50 Gold Star Children during the Covid-19 Quarantine.

Flags Of Valor is all about SERVICE...Past, Present and Future.  We were founded on the simple truths that veterans deserve opportunity, made in America matters, and we should never stop giving back.  Since our earliest days we've been dedicated to Remembering, Employing and Empowering our Heroes.   We are far more than a veteran-run business...we are a business that is simply dedicated to serve.

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