Active Valor Warrior Package

Company Care Package – The Warrior Package


The Warrior Package is a fantastic way to for companies to become involved in our mission. By sponsoring this package, we customize the box JUST for you! You and your company will be blessing around 100 men and women with both items of necessity, and items of comfort that reminds them of the home that’s waiting for them. Send us your logo and we will make sure your company box is well represented with your branding! With your approval, we will also highlight your company on our social media! As a chance to include your staff, we encourage you to write a personal letter for us to include in this box. If these troops have the time, they try to write back!

The Warrior Package is a HIGH IMPACT package! For every Warrior Package purchased, nearly 17 care packages. What does that mean exactly? Well, not only are we able to give larger groups (up to 100 men and women) a HUGE surprise, but an enormous THANK YOU from home. Your generosity allows them to receive a multitude of hygiene items for the entire group, packages of food and snacks to take on missions, entertainment and morale boosting items, letters from home, seasonal items (including some decorations from around base) and LOTS of comforts from home. Remember, every package you buy allows veterans to come together to assemble these boxes. The Warrior Package makes a huge impact in both the Active Duty and Veteran community. 


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