Active Valor Care Package

A Taste from Home


The Taste of Home Package is truly a box full of comforts from home. We take care in packing a blend of delicious and nutritious snacks to keep away hunger, but also remind them of home. This package is a real morale booster as it provides sustaining items, such as vitamins and electrolyte drinks needed for long missions, as well as a few premium snacks that satisfy a classic sweet tooth from home. Additionally, we will stock this package full of letters for them to read while breaking open their treats. There’s nothing like reading  hand written thank yous while snackin on beef jerkey and pretzels!

This one box provides roughly 10 men and women with food, vitamins and snacks! 

The Taste of Home Package is such a great treat, complete with signature items from home! This care package is ideal for bases that are not stocked with proper resources. These hygiene items and snacks make the coming months far more enjoyable, as a familiarity from home can make all the difference. We make sure to pack snacks that can be both shared on base and packed for lengthy missions. This box includes snacks, letters for our heroes to read while diving into this box, and shipping!


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