Active Valor Comforts from Home

Comforts from Home


Our “Comforts from Home” package is a box full of nostalgic goodness, meant to bring the highest amount of joy upon opening. This box is brimming with seasonal comfort! This time of year, temperatures are reaching the 20 degree be a part of spreading some warmth! Remember, these packages go to the men and women that are in need of some cheer-our combat veterans personally find those who do not get any mail–something very important this time of year!

This one box provides roughly 10 men and women with comforts from home! 

Our Comforts from Home package is one of the most rewarding boxes to gift! You get to send a box full of things that just make you feel good–hot chocolate, marshmallows, socks, hand and feet warmers, snacks to take on the road, some seasonal entertainment, and of course, a batch full of letters to read while enjoying our seasonal snacks! We do our best to leave them with a reminder from home, which is why we also include some decorations for around base!


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