Active Valor Hygiene Care Package

The Hygiene Package


The Hygiene Package is our most practical and personalized box, giving both men and women a box filled with portable cleanliness items to keep them feelin’ fresh! Everything from floss to foot powder, this box is sure to brighten their spirits and get the grime from a hard day’s work off! This box is brimming with everyday necessities that can be kept on base or taken on lengthy missions. We will include as many items as possible to keep our men and women overseas feeling fresh! This box includes all items, letters for our heroes to read while diving into this box, and shipping!

This one box provides roughly 10 men and women with cleanliness and hygiene items! 

We have put together a box full of the highest desired hygiene items for our men and women overseas. These boxes have been hand selected to travel to the bases that have the least amount of resources overseas, meaning they have limited access to stores, work in extreme conditions, or don’t have a support system to send them packages.


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